Our advantages

Many years of experience and successful practice since 1990.

More than 80,000 patients have been treated. During this time, the institution has established itself as one of the most highly effective speleological centers.

Comprehensive approach to treatment

Opportunity to get consultation from narrow specialists (allergist, otorhinolaryngologist, pulmonologist, neurologist), as well as undergo laboratory and instrumental tests

Unique natural material

The presence of sylvinite (red salt) provides a more pronounced anti-allergic effect

Every doctor is a professional

There are doctors of the 1st and highest category with more than 15 years of experience, as well as young promising specialists.

Good prices

The price policy of the state RB does not allow unreasonable price increases at its facilities

About speleotherapy

Speleotherapy is an effective non-pharmacological method of treatment in the microclimate of underground caves.

Today in sanatoriums of Belarus it is possible to recreate such conditions in rooms where the walls are lined with blocks of salt.

The special microclimate with high ionization of air, constant temperature, low relative The special microclimate with high ionization, constant temperature, low relative humidity and absence of allergens allows to treat a wide range of respiratory organs, skin, nervous system and circulatory system diseases.

Forget about bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis!

The effect of the speleological environment

Immediately after treatment:

decrease (or complete cessation) of choking attacks, decrease (or cessation) of cough, improvement of sputum discharge, decrease (or disappearance) of dyspnea, improvement of indexes of external respiratory function, increase of tolerance of physical activity, decrease of drug load on the body

Long-term results:

achieving a longer and more stable remission of the disease, reducing the frequency of cases and duration of temporary disability, changing the severity of the disease to a milder degree, a significant improvement in the quality of life...


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