Prices for speleotherapy

Contract for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
Contract for services to citizens of the Republic of Belarus
Contract for foreign citizens
Contract for services to citizens of the RB
Anti-corruption activities
Anti-corruption activities

The price includes:

  • Inpatient speleotherapy (amortization of 2 beds: 1st in the hospital, 2nd in the underground department);
  • 4 meals a day (table B);
  • breakfast according to the “Swedish breakfast” principle
  • Accommodation in a room with enhanced comfort;
  • dynamic observation of the doctor;
  • One type of physical therapy: hydrotherapy, light therapy, magnetic therapy – 7 treatments by the doctor;
  • Laboratory tests: complete blood count, biochemical blood tests for glucose levels, urinalysis (one study each);
  • functional studies: spirogram, electrocardiogram (one study);
  • breathing exercises in the conditions of the underground speleocomplex;
  • the use of sports equipment;
  • the use of a helmet and insulated jacket in the underground department;
  • transfer to the 1st Ore Office by hospital buses;
  • lectures at the asthma school;
  • terrenkur in the underground department (length 360 meters);
  • library visit

The final cost for treatment is agreed upon after booking the application in the department of extrabudgetary activities.

The course of treatment can be taken by health insurance, as well as with the payment of other institutions.