Stone Therapy

A great way to combat insomnia, chronic fatigue, exacerbation of osteochondrosis, and muscle tension is a stone massage. This type of massage is also called “stone therapy” and is characterized by a pronounced relaxing effect.


This therapy uses special stones made of basalt rock. Depending on the temperature of the stones, the massage can be of two types:

  • warm (when only heated stones are used);
  • contrast – in this case warm and cold stones are used.

Hot stones are good for inflammatory conditions, relieve acute degenerative disc disease, assist in relaxing and normalizing sleep. This procedure is especially pleasant when the weather is cold. It is best to conduct such a massage in the evening hours.

Contrast therapy – an excellent assistant in the fight against depression, metabolic disorders, excessive body weight. Such a procedure is indicated for early aging and decreased tissue turgor. With its help patients can relieve both physical and mental stress. This type of massage can be performed at any time of the day.

In the skillful hands of the masseur, the stones become a truly healing tool, which provides a gentle, but very deep heating. Stone therapy has beneficial effects on the major body systems – immune, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular.


This procedure does not have many contraindications. So, patients with high blood pressure, as well as during acute inflammatory diseases should refuse from stone therapy.

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