A salt room or speleological chamber is a room with an artificial microclimate, which is very close to the conditions of the speleological environment underground. The halochamber (a salt cave created artificially) is designed for:

  • Children from 3 to 10 years old;
  • Elderly patients;
  • Patients who are not recommended to go underground.

Indeed, the halochamber has far fewer contraindications than descending into a mine.

One session lasts 40 minutes. The course includes 12-17 visits, which are made daily.


The salt chamber is a complex structure. Its walls are covered with salt materials, and the atmosphere in the room is saturated with a salt aerosol. Such a fine aerosol is created by a special device – a halogenator. Thanks to it, salt particles become negatively charged, and their surface energy increases sharply. This results in aeration of the air. The environment in the room is cleared and the therapeutic effect on the body.


Halochamber benefit – it is not only healing air. The room has all conditions for complete relaxation and psychotherapeutic effect. Dim light, slow soft music, comfortable deck chairs – all this disposes to relaxation and good rest.


Visiting the speleological room is useful for the treatment and prevention of various diseases:

During a session there are:

  • anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator effect;
  • anti-stress, calming and sleeping influence;
    stimulation of metabolism;
  • Improvement of blood circulation, lowering
  • blood pressure;
  • beneficial effect on the blood system (increase hemoglobin, normalization of the blood cell formula);
  • immune stimulating effect.
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