Physiotherapy (from Greek φύσις – nature + θεραπεία – treatment) is a specialized field of clinical medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic effects of natural and artificially created physical factors on the human body.

Physiotherapy at the Republican Speleotherapy Hospital helps to intensify the effects of speleotherapy and contributes to the general recovery of the body. When a patient is in the inpatient ground wards, he can undergo physiotherapy procedures, improve his well-being and spend his time with benefit and pleasure.

Medical physical therapy is considered one of the safest methods of treatment. Physical therapy procedures help to:

  • Increase immunity;
  • Stimulate the natural defenses of the human body;
  • Activate metabolism and blood supply to tissues;
  • Activate biochemical processes;
  • Improve your emotional background.

Physiotherapy treatment is also used for preventive purposes – after passing the course the patient’s body is better able to cope with many ailments. Physiotherapy is very effective in rehabilitation.


Medical physiotherapy in the hospital is represented by the following types of procedures:

  • Water procedures. At the service of patients – swimming pool and sauna.
  • Massage treatments. Endermotherapy and stone massage relieve stress and fatigue, tone up and reduce tension.
  • Cosmetological procedures. Radiofrequency lifting and Spa-capsule will help to improve well-being and appearance.
  • Magnetotherapy;
  • Pressotherapy;
  • Microcurrent therapy;
  • Light therapy and other types of wellness procedures.

Thanks to a wide range of physiotherapy equipment and qualified specialists in all fields, patients will be able to undergo the procedures according to the prescribed course of treatment.

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