Payment methods

Methods of payment for treatment in the Republican Hospital of Speleotherapy in Soligorsk (Belarus)

Prepayment for the trip can be made in the following ways:

  1. Use the service Internet banking
  2. Cash payment through a bank branch
  3. System “Settlement” (ERIP) – Minsk region – Soligorsk city – Social services, health care – Republican hospital for speleotherapy – invoice number – amount – name

The course of treatment can be taken by health insurance, as well as by payment to other institutions.

In the cashier’s office of the hospital there is a terminal for plastic cards of the following payment systems (payment for medical and other services is accepted):

Bel Card

Master Card


Company requisites

current account 933 BY14 AKBB 3632 9000 0166 0660 0000 – in BYN

current account 978 BY68 AKBB 3632 0000 0168 7660 0000 – in EUR

current account 840 BY68 AKBB 3632 0000 0168 7660 0000 – in USD

current account 643 BY68 AKBB 3632 0000 0168 7660 0000 – in RUB

Branch No. 633 of Belarusbank, 23a Kozlova St., Soligorsk

BIC Code AKBBBY21633

Taxpayer Identification Number 600260480

Payment by VISA, MasterCard, BELCART through the system Assist

Payment is made over the Internet in real time immediately after order placement.

VISA (all types), MasterCard (including Maestro) cards issued by any bank of the world, including cards issued by Belarusbank, as well as BELCART system cards are suitable for financial transactions.

About the payment procedure for BELCART cards of Belarusbank JSC

* CVV2/CVC2 code is a control number consisting of three digits, which is printed on the back of a bank card. This number is usually printed in the upper right corner of the special signature strip. Entering the number is necessary to verify that the card is being used by the true owner.

When choosing to pay for an order using a bank card, payment processing (including entering the bank card number) is performed by ASSIST Electronic Payment Company LLC using the software and hardware complex of ASSIST electronic payment system, which has passed international certification.

The system, which ensures the security of payments, uses a secure TLS protocol for transmitting confidential information from the client to the server and further processing in the processing center. It means that the confidential data of the payer (card details, registration data, etc.) does not go to the online store, their processing is fully protected, and no one can get personal and bank data of the client. In addition, when processing payments by bank cards, secure 3D-Secure technology is used, which is mandatorily required by VISA and MasterCard international payment system.

To pay by this method:

You choose the method of payment by card online. After clicking on the button “Confirm and pay” the system will direct you to the site of the provider of electronic payments, which ensures payment security. The authorization server establishes a connection with the Buyer via a secure TLS protocol and receives from the Buyer the parameters of his/her bank card (card number, card expiration date, cardholder’s name in the transcription as it appears on the bank card, and CVC2 or CVV2 number indicated on the reverse side of the card). The online bank card payment transaction is fully confidential and secure. Your personal data and card details are not entered on the page of our site, but on authorization page of the payment system. The access to them is carried out according to the TLS secure data transfer protocol; the technology of secure internet payments Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode is also applied. We accept Visa International, MasterCard and BelCard cards of all classes and banks. We recommend that you contact your bank in advance to make sure that your card can be used for online payments.

Reasons for denial of authorization may be as follows:

  • there are not enough funds on the card to pay for the order;
  • the bank that issued the Buyer’s card has banned online payments;
  • the waiting time for entering the data of the bank card has expired;
  • the entered data were not confirmed by you on the payment page, data format error, etc.

Depending on the reason for the denial of authorization to resolve the issue, you can:

  • apply for explanations to the Bank that issued the Buyer’s card;
  • In case the Bank is unable to solve the problem – try to pay again, using a card issued by another Bank.

The order and conditions of return of funds to the Customer, responsibility of the parties.

If the Customer refuses the Referral for treatment five calendar days before the start of the visit, the funds transferred as payment for the cost of services will not be returned to the Customer. In other cases, when the Customer refuses the Referral for treatment, by agreement of the parties may be changed the period of validity of the Referral according to the schedule of visits or the refund of monetary funds paid for the Referral. Refusal of the Referral for treatment by the Customer shall be sent to the Contractor in writing.

In case of non-arrival of the Customer at the headquarters of the Executor in due time for a valid reason, confirmed by documents – illness of a patient, death or illness of close relatives (temporary disability certificate, a copy of death certificate), the refund of money paid for the Referral is made after deduction of actually incurred expenses.

In case of non-use by the Customer of the Referral until the end of the days of stay for a valid reason, confirmed by documents – illness of a patient (medical card), death or illness of close relatives (temporary disability certificate, a copy of the death certificate), the refund will be made less the actually incurred expenses in proportion to the days of stay, including the day of departure, regardless of the time of departure.

For non-arrival, delayed, early departure of the Customer from the institution without a valid reason, the Executor will not refund the funds for unused days.

In case of the Customer’s acute disease during the caving course that does not prevent him from staying in the SE RBS, the treatment is corrected by the attending doctor (cave-room, PTL, etc) without changing the cost of the Stay.

The refund is made upon written application of the Customer within 10 (ten) banking days through the cash department of the institution in Belarusian rubles or to the Customer’s P/C in foreign currency (Russian rubles, U.S. dollars, Euro) at the rate of Belarusian ruble in relation to foreign currency, set by the National Bank of Belarus on the date of application of the Customer.

In case the Customer commits illegal acts in violation of the established order and rules of being on the territory of the institution, rules of internal order (drinking alcohol, smoking in the rooms, violation of hospital regime, disrespectful attitude to the staff, non-compliance with safety and fire safety regulations, etc.), the Executive has the right to discharge the Customer prematurely without compensation of funds spent for unused days of stay.

The Customer bears full material responsibility for the damage caused by his fault to the property of the institution, as well as for violation of the established rules of stay on the territory of the institution, including full responsibility for minor children who are under treatment with him.


  • All prices as well as the list of procedures included in the price of the treatment are listed in the corresponding section of the website;
  • a list of paid procedures can be found in the section “Physiotherapy”;
  • you can get medical advice from the head physician (telephone number is on the page “CONTACTS”).