Scientific Basis of speleotherapy

Scientific studies have been conducted on the basis of speleolecheniya Republican Hospital in the years 2000 and 2005, had the objective of developing different treatment methods and speleotherapy regimes taking into account the characteristics of the layer (halite, sylvinite) and the duration of the course speleolecheniya.

Thus, staying in a medium reservoir rock-salt (halite) turned in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease more effective (COPD) and form nonallergic bronchial asthma (BA). More pronounced therapeutic effect in patients with a form of allergic asthma, hay fever and allergic rhinitis achieved in the treatment of potash (sylvinite) formation.

After completing the course speleolecheniya patients stated a significant increase in lung function (ERF). According to the MD, associate professor Lapteva EA manager. Chair Pulmonology and Tuberculosis BelMAPO statistically significant increase in FEV1 (forced expiratory volume in one second) in patients with asthma controlled, preferably allergic form is marked by the end of the 2nd week and speleovozdeystviya was 19,3 ± 8,4%.

In the following days, significant increase in performance was observed. When partially controlled asthma during ERF figures grew more slowly.

Patients with controlled mixed form of asthma and COPD statistically significant increase in FEV1 main noted towards the end of the 3rd week speleolecheniya and was 11.9 ± 4.4% and 16.7 ± 4.7% respectively.

Analysis of the results of some indicators of humoral immunity also showed significant dynamics of the latter. Thus in patients with allergic asthma showed a significant decrease in the levels of immunoglobulins (Ig A, M, G) by the end of week 2 speleolecheniya, and in patients with mixed asthma and COPD, reduction of levels of the major classes of Ig occurred by the end of the 3rd week speleolecheniya. Immunoglobulins revealed changes in the level of said stabilizing protective mechanisms at lower functional values ​and removing the voltage from the immune system.

Thus, revealed during speleotherapy under GU “Republican Hospital speleolecheniya” Soligorsk trends and relationships have allowed today to work out and implement differentiated speleotherapy regimes depending on the form and severity of the disease.

In 2011, the efficiency speleolecheniya in children with asthma at the Republican Hospital speleolecheniya was analyzed.

The analysis of the medical records on the results of treatment of 90 patients with bronchial asthma: 63 boys and 27 girls, mean age 14,1 ± 0,19 years. In 51 patients diagnosed with lung disease flow persistent form (56.7% of subjects), 39 patients (43.3%) had moderate asthma. The average age of onset of the disease was 6,6 ± 0,3 years, duration of the disease at the time of treatment – 7,5 ± 0,3 years. Concomitant allergic diseases (especially allergic rhinitis, hay fever) were observed in 57 children (63,3%) 33 (36.7%) patients there was no concomitant allergic pathology. In 71 patients (78.9%) asthma was virus-inducible in 19 cases – asthma exacerbations depending on the presence of SARS have been identified. All patients admitted for treatment carried out laboratory tests, spirography before treatment and after the course of speleotherapy.

Until conducted speleolecheniya parameters of respiratory function (ERF) for boys and girls on the floor were not significantly different, but were characterized mainly by a significant decrease in the age norm benchmarks. After completing the course speleolecheniya almost all respects ERF stated a significant increase in their value, reaching normal values. Of particular note is that an indicator of the patency state of small bronchi and being highly informative feature bronchial obstruction in asthma, against speleolecheniya patients has increased by 27% compared to baseline. More significant improvement in bronchial patency rates against the background of speleolecheniya noted in boys. For example, the index value indicative of the permeability of small bronchi,

The analysis of results of treatment of children with asthma in the conditions speleolecheniya Republican Hosp