Endermoterapiya – is the impact of the local vacuum decompression and roller massage. Discharged Through suction, the skin fold formed, which with the help of two inner movable rollers “moves” towards manipuly movement. This double effect causes a temporary expansion of the venous and lymphatic vessels and improves the lymph from tissues. The result is a rapid removal of toxins and fluid from the intercellular spaces. By additional oxygenation processes are activated tissue lipolysis. Starvac
S’OneLechebnye factors
local barotherapy (vacuum decompression).
variants procedures
vacuum-roller massage (Vakkumnye-roller heads in two sizes) cupping dynamic massage (vacuum cans of different diameters for the
body, round and oval tips of different diameters for use on the face) cupping static zone massage (automatic: banks double suction without
holes the ability to simultaneously use 4/2 cans; automatic mode: vacuum banks without holes for use in a pulsating massage mode;
manual mode: vacuum jars with a hole) point ma ssazh (reflexotherapy)
Embedded software (Starvac SPOriginal) Treatment programs (17 programs)
“Rheumatology” ( “Neurology”): pain in various parts of the spine (4 programs) muscle and joint pain in the upper limbs
(4 programs) muscle and joint pain in the lower, limb (3 program) “Trauma” (3 program): Tensile ligaments, bruises,
“Sport” (3 programs): muscle pain, muscle fatigue, fatigue, muscle stiffness, tendonitis
Beauty programs (7 programs) “Cellulite” (2 programs: a “soft”, “thick” cellulite)
“Reflex lymphatic drainage” “relaxing
massage” “heavy legs”, “Face”
own program
Customizing procedure parameters vacuum intensity
capture the intensity of skin folds
Procedure duration: from 1 to 60 minutes (Starvac SPOriginal), 30/45 min (Starvac S’One) Indications
The pathology of the musculoskeletal system (stagnant-ischemic and fibrous scarring of soft tissue, myofascial pain syndrome,
osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthritis and arthrosis, consequences of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, the elimination of muscle