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artificial microclimate with the parameters close to the conditions of underground speleosredy created in the room. An ideal
opportunity for patients with contraindications to the descent into the underground station.
For the treatment of patients with contraindications to the slopes in the underground department speleolecheniya, as well as for children from 3 to 10 years in a hospital equipped with speleokomnata controlled halotherapy where conditions similar microclimate underground
speleosredy. Speleokomnata is a complex structure. This room, whose walls are covered by special technology solematerialami and installed Halogenerator to saturate the atmosphere particulate salt spray. When grinding in halogenerators due to powerful mechanical
action of salt particles acquire a negative charge and a high surface energy. When interacting with it air molecules occurs aeroionization;
light negative ions are additional factor therapeutic effect on the organism and purification of the room environment.
In addition, it is necessary to take into account the impact of psychotherapeutic halochamber. Therefore, in the complex of treatment always includes a slow relaxing music. Use soft light. During the session, patients are placed on a convenient shezllongah. All this
enhances the therapeutic effect.
The technique is applicable both in childhood and in old age. As a rule, the course consists of 12-17 daily sessions lasting 40 minutes for children and 60 minutes for adults. The basic mechanisms of therapeutic effects halochamber Respiratory system: anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect, a bronchodilator influence.
Central nervous system: reducing fatigue; soothing, light hypnotic, analgesic effect; anti-stress impact.
Metabolic processes: increasing redox processes; stimulation of carbohydrate, protein and water exchange.
circulatory system: lowering blood pressure; improving microcirculation; antispasmodic effect.
Blood system: normalization of blood formula; elevated levels of hemoglobin; normalization of electrolyte metabolism;
immunomodulatory effects.
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