Speleo room


Speleotherapy is a treatment based on the use of natural properties of salt mines, grottoes, workings, karst caves (spelaion from Greek. – cave). It is one of the most effective non-drug methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases.

UNDERGROUND SPELEOLOGICAL is unique in its design the building with a separate ventilation system and its own infrastructure. In this regard, the underground medical and health complex is fundamentally different from all currently operating speleoobjects.

The underground speleocomplex consists of 2 sections. The first one has been functioning since 1990. The second underground section was put into operation in July 2012. It is located on the basis of the first mine, seven kilometers from the ground buildings of the hospital in the city of Soligorsk.

For the first time in the world practice of speleotherapy, the underground hospital was located in two different mining and geological conditions , as well as a complex of additional mine workings for the formation of a healing speleosrede and its regeneration. One complex of workings for medical purposes was equipped in a layer of potash salt being developed.

Another set of workings of the same purpose is made in the array of underlying rock salt. Two sets of mine workings provide unique conditions for the formation of the caving environment, which are typical both for the conditions of the potash mine and at the same time for the conditions of the rock and salt mine.

Under these conditions, the range of emerging therapeutic factors speleosredy necessary for the effective conduct of the treatment process is significantly expanded. All these factors determine the uniqueness of the underground health facility in terms of expanding medical indications for the use of the speleotherapy method. At the same time, the potential of the method to achieve both therapeutic and health-improving effects is significantly increased. This is confirmed by the long-term practice of operating speleotherapy facilities.

The second feature of the speleocomplex is a special network of air supply ventilation workings. The named complex of workings has a reasonable length, as well as regulated mobility of the passing air. This technical solution provides for the formation of healing parameters of the speleological environment that correspond to the material composition of salt rocks and the mining and geological conditions of the speleological clinic. In this regard, the treatment environment is unique in its composition and, accordingly, in the nature of the impact on the patient’s body.

The third important feature of the hospital is related to its design. This feature of the speleological hospital is due to the separate, separate airing of all medical wards. With this organization of ventilation, clean air enters each chamber and is then discharged into the General ventilation outlet by means of air vents. Under such an airing system, the “spent” air cannot return back to the General air environment of the treatment Department’s mine workings. This system of end-to-end, separate ventilation of medical wards prevents anthropogenic air pollution of the entire Department.