Radio wave lifting “REACTION”

Secure skin tightening, wrinkle correction, restoring skin elasticity, fat reduction, cellulite treatment, body modeling. The advantage of this method – high accuracy and security impact, immediate results and long-lasting effect. Scope – cosmetology and aesthetic medicine (reactive rejuvenation). provided non-surgical skin tightening correction of wrinkles, restore skin elasticity fat reduction treatment of cellulite deposits figure modeling Benefits “ReactionTM” High accuracy and safety effects quickly and painlessly immediate results and long-lasting effect refers to a non-traumatic methods and does not cause tissue damage responsive to the first procedure of collagen and elastin of the skin, change their spatial form they are “twisted” during heating, resulting in increased skin tone. Radiovolna increases the permeability of cell walls, allows faster delivery of nutrients into the cell and remove it from the metabolic products. Start the process of regeneration, cells actively perform their functions.