Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage)


Pressure therapy (limfodendrazh) – a method based on rhythmic stimulation of muscles in a certain sequence in order to cause a natural lymph drainage and reduce the amount of liquids and toxins.
LYMPHASTIM BTL-6000 (Limfastim) – a unit of the new generation of pressure therapy. The impact on the lymphatic system with compressed air supplied through a special suit, is one of the most effective methods in the fight against cellulite and varicose veins.
Today you have a unique opportunity to experience the pneumomassage procedure – it pressoterapevtichesky apparatus of a new generation of performing a mechanical action on the fabric, which resulted in the displacement of these excess extracellular fluid – lymphatic drainage. The essence of this procedure in the effect on the lymphatic and venous system with compressed air supplied through the cuff. The procedure activates cell receptors that are responsible for breaking down fat, purifies and nourishes the skin with oxygen. This sort of “squeezing out massage” performed not by hand, but with the help of special equipment, which allows remarkably accurate dosing of exposure by changing the density and permeability of fabrics, set the program in the machine.
It is no secret that the lymphatic system is also important for the life of the body, as well as circulatory. Unlike the circulatory system, which has an engine – the heart, the lymphatic system of the closed separate motor has not, but is activated by human movement. At low physical activity in people prone to a sedentary lifestyle, spending many hours at work (at the table), inevitably occurs lymphostasis (lymphatic stasis). It is large lymph nodes are a kind of “waste bin”, which accumulate toxins and viruses, breakdown products of proteins and fats, which are almost impossible to anything from there, “beat out”, so need constant stimulation and drainage of large lymph nodes and throughout the lymphatic system. In lymphostasis disturbed microcirculation, reduced efficiency, reduced immunity, Compression therapy, displays the body of excess fluid and harmful toxins, restores moisture balance, due to the normalization of the circulation of lymph and intercellular fluid. The “boots” worn over the foot, lower leg and thigh, forced air waves compresses the soft tissue on the specially programmed procedure. Thus, the activated blood and lymph circulation. This massage is not only outputs the excess fluid from the tissue and metabolic products from the intercellular space, but also eliminates the swelling, tones vessel walls. Also improves the venous circulation, activation of metabolic processes in the skin and fat cells.
After the procedure the patient feels a long time with nothing comparable “forgotten childhood” sense of lightness in the limbs. The recommended course of treatment and prevention is 5-10 procedures. Indications for treatment on the machine Lymphastim Treatment and prevention of stagnation in the lower and upper extremities. Varicose and spider veins varikoznodilated veins in the legs. Consequences of erysipelas – a violation of lymphatic drainage and elephantiasis. Gouty arthritis. The syndrome of “restless legs”.
Conditions after surgical treatment with the effects of disturbances in the arteries, veins and limfososudah.
Treatment and prevention of diabetic angiopathy of lower extremities and trophic disorders. Lymphatic drainage massage to effectively eliminate the edema, can significantly reduce the volume of the body and improve the elasticity of skin, activate the metabolic processes in the skin cells, stimulate the body’s defenses, boosting the immune system. Applications Cellulite The syndrome of “restless legs” Prevention of varicose veins Improve the trophic structure of the skin Fat flowed Care after Liposuction Recovery Recovery Detoxification