Massage stones STONE-THERAPY


This type of massage practitioner for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia, acute osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases associated with hypothermia and muscle spasm, with the effect of depth, but mild heating, a powerful relaxation and relieving stress in the muscles.
The massage is based – the synthesis of handmade and deep influence stones (ancient basaltic rocks with energy strengths of the Altai) – warm or contrast (hot and cold) with the effect of effects on the nervous, endocrine, and immune and cardiovascular systems. Stone hot stone therapy is indicated for exacerbation of osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, chronic inflammatory processes, for relaxation and recovery sleep is particularly effective in the cold season. Contrast stone therapy has tonic effect, shown at overweight, metabolic disorders, reduced tissue turgor, early aging, depression, mental or physical stress, etc. For stone therapy warm stones ideal time -. Evening, since this type of massage practitioner It has a pronounced relaxing effect, for contrasting stone therapy will suit any time. Contraindications Acute inflammatory disease (ARD, Flu), high blood pressure.