Juice bar – a place where a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, you can restore the physical and mental strength by using herbal teas, herbal based products and fruit charges, oxygen cocktail.
Oxygen cocktail – inexpensive effective means of restoring health. General therapy has a great effect on the whole body, actively supplying it with oxygen. The use of oxygen cocktails for health purposes enhances resistance to viral and infectious diseases Activation of the immune system Improve efficiency, increase physical and mental capacities of man Activation of the brain decrease fatigue and general fatigue
prevention of premature aging fat burning
The use of oxygen cocktails for medicinal purposes
Diseases of the cardiovascular system, coronary heart disease, arterial occlusive disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, hypertension and
hypotension, vascular dystonia Pulmonary pathology Hypoxia Anemia
Physical and mental strain Psycho-neurological diseases
Skin diseases
Functional disorders of the nervous system Diseases of the
gastrointestinal tract Diabetes Obesity
Oxygen cocktails activates all organs, promoting the excretion of toxins from organizma.Terapevtichesky effect is achieved by using the
oxygen in the cocktails of different infusions, extracts from herbs and plants, and also different pharmacological preparatov.Okazyvaet
obscheterapevticheskoy excellent effect on the entire body, it is actively supplying oxygen and activating work the immune system.