The contract for the citizens of Belarus
The contract for the provision of services to citizens of Belarus
The contract for foreign nationals
The contract for the provision of services to foreign nationals
Additional Information
Prices for course speleolechenie
Price for course speleolechenie for CIS citizens


  • Stationary speleolechenie (depreciation 2 beds: 1 st at the hospital, 2nd in the underground department);
  • 4 meals a day (table B);
  • accommodation in Superior Chamber;
  • dynamic medical supervision;
  • a type of physiotherapy: hydrotherapy, light therapy, magnetic therapy — 7 of attending the appointment procedure
  • doctor;
  • Consultation of a physiotherapist;
  • Clinical examination (complete blood count, blood glucose, urinalysis, ECG, spirogram) for indications;
  • breathing exercises in conditions of underground speleological;
  • use of sports equipment;
  • use of helmet and jacket insulated underground compartment;
  • transfer to the 1st rudoupravlenie buses hospital;
  • lectures in asthma-school;
  • terrenkur underground compartment (length of 360 meters);
  • visit the library