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Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus

State Union "Republican speleotherapy hospital"

"Republican hospital speleotherapy"
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At a depth of 420 meters
The hospital provides paid medical services and contracts in the prescribed manner with individuals and legal entities regardless of all forms of ownership and subordination of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and foreign organizations.


Patients’ admission is carried out on a paid basis and in the order established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and on the basis of:

  • an application written in the name of the head of the Hospital
  • application’s sample - extracts from medical records of the patient

We accept people not younger than 10 years old for speleotherapy in the underground department . Children from 10 to 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. Children from 3 to 10 years are accepted for a ground speleoroom and must be accompanied by an adult, too.

If an accompanying person doesn’t have medical indications for speleotherapy, he or she is made in the hospital on the basis of an application written in the name of the head of the hospital for a fee.

In the chapter (rehabilitation center "Zelenyj Bor"), the recovery of children from 10 to 17 years is organized in groups, or on the principle of "Mother and child" with speleotherapy in the underground department on a fee basis.

Send your documents:

  • by phone/Fax +375 174 28-03-00 or by e-mail speleo.by@gmail.com
  • We are open from 8.00 to 16.30 Belarusian time.
  • t/f: + 375 174 28 03 01 phone + 375 174 28 03 16, + 375 174 28 05 30

Marketing Department:

  • open from 8.00 to 16.30 Belarusian time
  • mob. + 375 29 323 73 40
  • mob. + 375 29 666 96 56

The patient arrived for treatment in the hospital of speleotherapy, must have:

  • a passport (if possible, a photocopy of the passport);
  • an extract from medical documents, filled out by the doctor at the place of residence.


  • a sports suit for descent and presence in the underground room (in winter sports suit must be warm);
  • two pairs of closed sports shoes without heels: to descend into the underground department and replaceable footwear to be there ( in the winter – warm shoes), handkerchief (sports cap)to wear under a protective helmet;
  • thermos for warm drinks in the underground section;
  • for water treatment: a bath towel, slippers, a shower cap, a bathing suit for the pool.

There is no parking on the territory of “Republican speleotherapy hospital”


sending a booking request from a site is preliminary. You will be contacted by managers, to confirm the booking and/or to clarify the information. Please fill up the form carefully. Attention! Vouchers are off-loaded only after a pre-payment by Bank transfer. The booking is a prepayment of 50% of the cost of treatment within 15 days from the date of receipt of the invoice.

Send a request


Payment in advance for the trip can be done in the following ways:

  1. To use internet banking
  2. Cash payment through a bank

A terminal for servicing plastic cards of the following payment systems: Bel Card, Master Card, World Wide, Visa Inc. (accepts payment for medical and other services) operates at the pay desk of the hospital.

Essential Elements

  • O/a 3632900001660 - in Belarusian rubles
  • O/a 3632000001687 - in Russian rubles and in US dollars and euros
  • 633 department of "Belarusbank", 23a, Kozlova street, Soligorsk
  • BIC 153001969

Decision on the underground treatment is taken by the physician or the medical advisory committee of “Republican hospital of speleotherapy" after examination of the patient.


  • DON'T FORGET TO MAKE AN ADVANCE PAYMENT (booking, without timely prepayment, cancelled);
  • there are all prices are in the relevant section of the website;
  • the list of paid procedures is posted in "PHYSICAL THERAPY" section;
  • advice on health matters can be obtained from the chief physician (phone number on the "CONTACT US" page)

The price includes:

  • stationary speleotreatment (2 beds use: 1st- in the hospital, 2nd- in the underground department);
  • 4 meals a day (table B);
  • accommodation in a chamber of the superior;
  • dynamic supervision of a doctor;
  • one type of physiotherapy: hydrotherapy, light therapy, magnetic therapy - 5 procedures on the prescription of a physician;
  • a physician consultation;
  • clinical examination (complete blood test, blood glucose, urinalysis, ECG, spirogram) according to the indications;
  • breathing exercises in the underground speleocomplex;
  • use of sports equipment;
  • use of helmet and insulated jacket in the underground section;
  • transfer to the 1st mining department by hospital busses;
  • lectures in asthma-school;
  • terrainkur in the underground section (360 meters length);
  • library attendance.

Tariffs do not include the cost of medicines, medical products and other materials that are to be paid additionally in accordance with legislation.




Massage Chair
Laser irradiation of blood
Herbal tea
Pressure therapy
Cedar barrel
Dry carbon dioxide baths
Radio wave lifting
Finnish sauna
Sinusoidal modulated currents
Ground speleotherapy
Vacuum-roller massage
Light therapy
Swimming pool
Magnetotherapy installation


Mailing Address:
223710, Lesnoy driveway 3, Soligorsk, Republic of Belarus.
Call us:
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(+ 375 174) 28 03 00
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